Casa de las estrategias

We are a non-profit entity based in Medellín, Colombia. We do social research that generates impacts to achieve fairer societies. We help to make public policies, we take care of adolescents from the bond and the citizen exploration and we help to change habits
of thought.


Cities without Fear

We work on the reduction of homicides and femicides, the recovery of a criminal ghetto and increase the possibilities of justice, shelter and second chances for young people from the periphery


At Puentes we are researching and generating journalistic information on issues to take care of cities: corruption, artists in social movements, creating unlikely conversations and social control.

City Editors

Editores de Ciudad is a protective network of adolescents and young people dedicated to the participation and city creation (modifications in the public sphere). This network inhabits cultural houses called Moradas and is interested in citizen journalism, the right to the city, social control, art, and hackactivism.

What is Puertos (Ports)?

Puertos are the people who financially support Casa de las Estrategias and Morada through donations to our cultural houses projects, Editores de Ciudad and the Research Center with their publications. They are also people who contribute with their time or knowledge as volunteers.
We are able to detect and recognize young people who do a lot for the environment, for culture and for transparency (with oversight). With the resources we give part-time internships for this young people in Morada houses so that they can do work with social impact or care for the public, also seeking to contribute to the situation of minimum vital income in the city and to be a way of linking them with a career
We have the illusion of publishing a book per year. We have published Ruido (inventory of divergent artists), Lo Que Les Dio La Gana (profiles of Latin American artists who promote citizen movements) and Cities Without Fear (on crime and youth to design policies to reduce homicides without shortcuts). Now we need your help to publish Un Color Sin Nombre, about visual art in Medellín and its representations and interventions in culture and public space.
Puertos de Conocimiento are created thanks to the contribution of your time and intellectual baggage. In our network you can help us by disseminating the material that we produce from our study center, but if in return you wish to contribute from your knowledge or make an exchange, we disclose your work, your content and on some occasions we have made artistic exhibitions and talks at Casa about books that our allies have written and published.
We are expanding the network of #CasaDeLasEstrategias, the same as #Morada. We invite you to be part of Puertos to continue generating impact, with a donation you can decide whether to support our Editores de Ciudad school or support the publication of our next book.

Colectivos que nos inspiran